Friday, November 19, 2010

Fighting November Gray

November can be pretty awful here in Vienna - rain, gray, cold and it gets dark at 3pm. I decided to make a really colorful, bright layout to remedy the situation!

A few weeks ago we went to Wachau and had a GREAT lunch in a rather fancy restaurant. It took quite a while until the dessert was served and DD decided to have some fun.

Here are some details: Did I mention I love braids and eyelets?

DD requested some butterflies - here they are. I also like the felt letters. Different texture which gives a nice touch.

I also did some heat embossing on the frame since it looked a bit boring.

Thanks for looking and leaving me a comment!

All the best,


  1. It is pretty gloomy here too. Lots of clouds, very little sun. That is winter for us tho. Definitely not dark by 3 tho!!! Earliest it starts to get dark is about 4:30. Wow!! Short days for you!! This is definitely a good remedy!! Such fun colors!! I love the pleated ribbon with the eyelets. Do you know I have never owned any? LOL Brads, yes. Eyelets, never!! :)Great job with all the embossing!!! Very fun page!

  2. wow,very beautiful work!!
    Have a nice weekend!!