Thursday, December 30, 2010

Ballett LO and quick tip for pearls

My DD has been taking ballet lessons since September. Just before Christmas, all parents were allowed to come and watch a lesson. It was soooo sweet. I really like what they learn and DD seems to thoroughly enjoy it.

I based this LO on a Sketch by Debbie over at Frosted Designs. They have got a super sweet price - go check it out!

What could go better with a sweet ballet LO than the Prima Annabelle line. So girly and sweet.

Now here comes my tip. My pearls are never enough. Honestly. I had these great pearls
but they would not be enough to go around. So I cut them up, placed a ribbon in between to keep the distance even and voilà, it was enough. Simple tip, you have probably done it before but I am always a bit slow on these things!

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Winter Wonderland

It is cold here in Vienna! DD loves to go ice skating and skiing. So off we went. Right down town is an ice ring.

Since I have heard of a child falling on the ice and being in a coma since Dec 8th, I insist that she wears a helmet at all times. She is pretty good about it.

Very close to my home is a wonderful little sewing shop. They carry the sweetest ribbons and laces. I love layering the chipboard elements.

Some prima flower to go with it and done.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Red and green but not a Christmas Layout

My oldest sister went on a cycling tour in Spain. When she sent me the pictures, all I saw was red and green. The only red and green papers I have are Christmas paper. Then I remembered a blog entry from Bo Bunny how to use papers in an atypical way and decided to try it out. I am actually very happy with it!

I went nuts with stitching on this LO. DD was watching a Disney DVD and I sat there with her (otherwise she gets scared) and worked on the LO. It was really nice!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

First Christmas

This Christmas, my "little" sister brought her boyfriend for the Christmas celebration. We all love him and they make a great couple. She never reads this blog, so I can say what I want LOL!

I really liked working with just black, beige and white. A good break from all the red and green!
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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Trimming the tree - Christbaum

I cannot believe it, but I did find time to scrap!!! My DH took care of most of the cooking and DD was very well behaved. So I managed to sneak in my little paradise (aka a platform above our bed) and created this very simple LO based on a sketch by Julie Bronner.

I love the Noel line from Bo Bunny. It is fun and I love the traditional colors. Here, I mixed it with Yellow Little Bicycle.

One of my Christmas presents was the Big Bite Crop-A-Dile. I have wanted it for a long time and now I got it! It is so versatile and quiet. Perfect for setting eyelets when DD is asleep.
The Prima vines were perfect for this LO.

Journaling reads: Christmas Tree. Every year on the 23rd, we trim the tree. We listen to the Christmas Oratorio by J.S. Bach and Sarah is allowed to finish the piece of art by placing the star on the tree. This year, the tree is perfect - so full that it barely fit into our bay window.

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