Sunday, January 30, 2011

Discover and feeling really empty

What an odd feeling. My mother took my DD skiing for 4 days. Boy, the apartment feels empty! Sigh. I am glad that my mother tries to have a good relationship with her, although she usually live in Australia. But I do miss my little baby. I do not think I have ever been away from her for so long. My mother tells me that they are having a blast. That's the most important!

Now for my layout. Since I am waiting for the new papers to buy, I try to use up my stash! I also make an effort to do a bit more journaling. We went to the Museum of Natural History. At our local supermarket, one gets one pack of animal stickers for free. DD and DN love to collect them and we looked at all the animals of which we already had the stickers. So much fun!!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Steps of Knowledge

DD loves going to museums! This is perfect, since I love them, too. Her favorite at the moment is the museum of natural history here in Vienna. I love this photo as she ascends the stairs to her favorite exhibits. With her serious face it almost looks like she is climbing the steps to knowledge.

Here is a close up of the flower/bird cluster. I went a bit nuts on the pearls but I love it. This is for the Friday challenge of Frosted Designs: monochromatic. It was an additional challenge for me since I scrapped in green. Something I do not do often!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Farm Fun - Creative Srappers #140

My job requires a lot of my time at the moment. Therefore I only had time for a simple layout (and even this one was spread out over several days). I was simply too tired to do anything!

With winter hitting hard on us again, I needed some summer colors. Last summer we had a perfect day on the farm where DD then even walked the goat (or did the goat walk her?) A day full of feeding cows, cutting grass, "helping" on the farm. A real adventure for a city girl.

I got my new MS punch to work and I love it. The little dots are perfect to add some stitching. A bit of fussy cutting and that was it already. When I have time later, I might add a bit to the green background. On the photo it does seem a bit too green.

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Playing possum and all about me

On the weekend, I took DD and my niece to the museum of natural history, one of DD's favorite museums. Amongst others, we learnt that a possum acts dead and sticks its tongue out if it feels threaten. Both girls had to try this out right there in the museum. We had so much much!
A bit on the scrappy side. I hardly ever scrap about myself. Usually, I am the one with the camera in my hand. This is a layout about things I like and love. If you wonder what Grammelknödel are:
dumplings with lard greaves

Here is a close up:

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ingrediences for the perfect party / Sketchy Thursday.

Here is now the layout from my DD's birthday party. I based in on a sketch by Sketchy Thursday. It is great to have such a constant source of inspiration.

Since we had so many balloons (and still around the apartment LOL) I wanted to include them in the layout. I just made little ovals, used 3d foam pads and added a bit of silver.

I made the flower but just twisting some ribbon and tulle. Very simple.

The journaling reads:
Ingrediences for the perfect party.
5 friends
30 pink balloons
9 games
1 cake
129 sweeties
5 valentine's cards.

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Taming the letter monster plus mini box tutorial

DD loves her new Montessori reading cards. However, the letters were all over the place. I decided to give them a home (and save my sanity) by creating these mini boxes. Now, all letters are nicely cleaned up and she can actually find what she needs.

Here is what I did. Super simple and so useful. I used lots of pink themed papers, just what I had laying around. Scraps work great for this one.

Here is what you need: For one box you need two papers. 4x4 inch and 4,5 x 4,5 (this will be the lid)

Step 1. Score the paper like this.

Step 2. Fold the papers

Step 3: turn it over and repeat on other side.

Step 4: Keep folding

Step 5: Open it up again

Step 6: Make cuts on the sides and put glue in the middle.

Step 7: Start folding the sides over.

Step 8: Fold the flap over.

Step 9: Just press it down on the glue.

Step 10: Cut a little triangle on the side for a better grip.


All cleaned up and tidy!!
If you have any questions, just leave me a comment and I will try to explain it a bit better.
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Marina - Creative Scrappers 139

This cute little girl is the daughter of a good friend of mine. She is just a few months younger than my own DD and we try to meet on a regular basis. Given that we both work, it does not happen nearly often enough but when we meet, we have lots of fun together. She is just as active and funny as my DD however here I caught her fully concentrating on coloring in her book.

The LO is based on the sketch by Creative Scrappers 139. You can find the sketch here. I liked using the bella paper. The soft colors remind me of spring! With Vienna being rainy, cold and gray, this is the perfect therapy!

Here is a trick to get the punched paper line up exactly with the die cut. With an exacto knife, make small incisions in the die cut, just where you will want the punched papers strips. Then slide it through, with a pencil mark along the cut parts, pull the paper strips back out and cut with scissors along the pencil marks. Repeat on the other side and you have a perfectly matched paper strip!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Birthday Girl Artful Delight Challenge edited

Maybe I am a bit of a perfectionist but I reprinted the pictures in black and white and I like it so much better. It brings out the blue so much more and now I really like my LO!

DD celebrated her birthday three times! This LO is from the photos from Kindergarten. She brought the muffins and shared them with all her classmates. It was just so cute.

I will probably print the pictures again in black and white and replace them. Somehow it seems too busy.

This is the sketch I based it on:

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's card and future generation of scrappers

It's busy around here! With back to work, long hours and exhausting work, scrapping has been really neglected recently. This weekend is super busy since DD is turning 5! She was allowed to invite 4 friends. Boy did we have fun! Can you imagine 5 super energetic, hyped up, sugar loaded 5 year olds? DH was the perfect entertainer and got them even more hyped up. It was hilarious.
DD requested a cake with flowers and hearts. So I made this "Sleeping Beauty Hedge" design for her. My cake decorating skills have really declined since I started scrapping. Somehow paper is more forgiving and does not mind different temperatures.
Whatever, it tasted good and it was pink and sparkly!

To calm them down a bit after 2 hours, I made some Valentine's cards with them. They loved using my cuttlebug to create the "magic paper". Here they are, all proudly holding up their cards. (Yes, I have permission of the parents to post this photo!) I am so happy that DD has really nice, sweet and well brought up friends.
My card turned out really simple. I am still quite happy with it, considering I had 5 helpers.

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ouch / Sketchy Thursday

My little girl fell of her high bed (1,70 m / about 5,5 feet) while fooling around instead of going to bed. She fell with her head onto the wooden floor. The noise was terrifying! But, she is a hardhead, and nothing happened! We, of course, called the emergency services but they assured us that she was fine. This happened in December, just 4 days before the ballet presentation.

This is for the Sketchy Thursday Guest Designer Challenge. Their price is amazing! A full January kit from Artful Delight full with fabulous pink goodies. The challenge was to use the sketch, plus pink, hearts and journaling.

I stitched the outline of the title for a bit more interest, raised the title and the date with dimensional dots but other than that kept it fairly straight forward to let the photos speak for themselves. They were taken the next day and you can see that she was already in the mood for being silly again!

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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture Perfect Pencil Lines

Often school photos are not really the best but this one of DD turned out super cute. I used the sketch from Pencil Lines as a basis but decided to keep it straight. It just did not look right otherwise. That is the beauty of the sketches, they are open to interpretation!

The flower is handmade. I used the "new arrival boy" line by pebbles since it fit perfectly the colors of her Austrian Dirndl. (traditional dress)

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Really simple flower tutorial

Hi there!
For my skiing layout, I just did not have a good flower. So I decided to make one. I based it on one that has been around, but this one looks slightly different.

It takes only 5 minutes to do this flower and it is super simple. I like combining 2 different colors to give more interest.

I used this on this LO
Please let me know if you tried this flower and link back to my blog so I can have a peek!
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All wrapped up Sketchy Thursday

We went skiing for 3 days to the Semmering, a great family skiing resort just one hour outside of Vienna. DD went to skiing school and I had fun with my niece and my sister and explored the ski resort. It was great but COLD. We look more like astronauts, all wrapped up.

I love the Midnight Frost collection from Bo Bunny. So versatile and easy to use. In my next post, I will show a tutorial how to make this flower.
I used the Tim Holtz tiny attacher for the journaling.

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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tough being sick around here and skiing

I have been very busy lately. DD learnt to ski. We are so lucky to live in Vienna. Just within 1 hours drive, there are several ski resorts. Sorry for the bad quality. I had forgotten my camera and had to use my phone.

Onto scrappy business.
I am not buying any new papers until after the CHA. This gives me a good reason to use what I have in my stash. The patterned paper is from Prima Eire collection. It fit well with the multi colored photo. DH was sick and had fallen asleep on the couch. DD was concerned that he did not have any stuffed animals while he was sleeping and covered him with hers!

I liked playing around with the title, using some liquid pearls.

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Using Valentine papers for a fall layout

Happy New Year to all of you!

I hope you all had a great celebration and are ready to tackle the New Year!

My LO today is a 2 pager. I hardly ever do them, since I find them very challenging to do. However, this one followed the sketch of Liz Qualman and it was very easy to do.

I was searching for a long time for the perfect fall papers for these photos, but nothing fit. Then I looked at the twitterpatted collection from Pebbles (THANKS LIZ!!!!) and it was a perfect fit.

I love all the details of this line. Makes scrapbooking really easy.

I combined it with some papers from the New Arrival line (also pebbles) for the border and I was done.

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