Friday, July 8, 2011

Getting ready for my sister's wedding

Quite some time ago, I made the invitations for my sister's wedding. Look here for a peek. To match these invitations, I made the wedding boutonnieres. Here is a collection of them. Each one looks a bit different which I like very much. I also had to use different shades of purple since it is so hard to match colors to a photo and over skype.

And here is the bigger one for the groom.

The next item in a similar design is the guest book. I took an artist's sketchbook (the paper quality is really excellent) and covered the front. I made sure it was not too bulky, since it had to be used! I put it in a beautiful purple box to protect it from dust.

I am very happy how it all turned out (especially since I felt so bad the last few months that I could not get anything done) but I would not do it for a customer. This is something so personal and we had lots of discussions over skype how she wants it done. When I come back from the wedding in August, you will see lots and lots of LOs from the wedding since my wedding gift is her wedding album!

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Everything is so beautiful Elisabeth!! I am excited to see all of your beautiful LO's from her wedding! I hope you are feeling ok!!!

  2. wow,a lot of work but very pretty!!!