Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Stamping Basics

I have only recently started to use stamps. Since I had a very hard time, I would like to share some very basic things about it. You probably know about it already, but if it helps one person to be a bit less frustrated, then I am happy!

  • Store your ink pads up side down. This way all the ink is where it should be.
  • Before you use a clear stamp, rub it slightly with a soft eraser. This way the ink is applied more evenly.
  • The smoother the paper, the crispier the image.
  • Before you color your stamp, wait until it is really dry. (This is a no brainer, but guess how many stamps I messed up until I followed this one LOL!)
  • Using color pencils, which can be then worked with water give the best of both worlds: the precision of the color pencil and the great, smooth texture from water colors. ( I love using my Jumbo Grip Faber Castell)
  • Stamps are great for 3 D! Just stamp several and cut out section and layer them.
Photos to follow soon!
What are YOUR best stamping tips? I would love to learn from you! Thank you for leaving me a comment !
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  1. thanks for the tips. I love to use colored pencils with gamsol(odorless mineral spirits)with stamping. You can use any colored pencils and blend away.