Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Life is a journey

Still cleaning up my scrapplace. It is amazing how long it takes considering I only have a tiny space. I was too lazy to clean up these scraps so I made a quick card. I actually like it - sweet and simple.
Since DD is on February break, we do something fun every day. So we went to an indoor park (it is still freezing cold).
Can you see worried DH way down there? She had so much fun! Her little brother was not impressed and slept.
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  1. Gorgeous card and that baby is adorable, take care and enjoy time with DD, Doreen x

    1. Hi Elisabeth. Lovely card, it is amazing what you can make wiht your leftovers isn't it?
      How nice being out and about with your two tots, Ooh I miss doing all that, Chris and I used to be somewhere nice with our two when they were off school.

  2. I love your card!! Your son is adorable!! :-)

  3. he is so cute! just adorable. your card is super sweet. hugs.