Sunday, April 1, 2012

14 years.... and Swirlyhues challenge

ago DH and I got married.
I saw this image on facebook a few days ago:
Isn't it true? We had our share of "fixing" and I am sure we will continue to do so in the future!

You might ask yourself why in the world we got married on April 1st! It is actually a quite funny story. DH is US citizen and I am Austrian. At that time we also lived in Austria. We inquired at the local Standesamt what we have to do to prolong DH's visa and what would change after we got married. The reply of this lovely person was as such: "Are you crazy? Why would you apply for his visa first and then get married? You would save yourself a lot of money if you do it the other way round" Since it was already end of February, the only available date to do so before his visa runs out was..... April 1st! That was 14 years ago and now we are (again) in Austria with 2 lovely kids.

On to some scrappy stuff:
I managed to complete the Swirlyhues Challenge this month

I used the current Swirlydoos kit to complete the LO of my DS on his first day home..

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Yes, marriage is hard work. But it is worth it. :) Beautiful page of your son!! The colors go so well and great take on the sketch.