Sunday, April 22, 2012

Leftover Card

So I was cleaning up my scrap place and had bits and pieces left over. I was simply too lazy to sort the small pieces of paper in their appropriate places so I made a card. Quick, simple and my table is cleaned up! 

Yesterday, I discovered a different section of Austria- the South of Burgenland. We had a fun day there - the educational program of the forest management is fun, educational and interesting for kids as well as adults. 

I finally got a half way decent family photo!

On our way home back to Vienna, we passed by this Castle. What a view!

Thanks for stopping by and all the best!


  1. Hallo Elisabeth, du hast ja wunderschöne Layouts auf deinem Blog - tolle Fotos hast du da im Burgenland geschossen - was ist das denn für ein Schloß bzw. wo in etwa findet man das?

    Ich wollte dich noch einladen auf
    meinem Blog vorbeizuschauen, da ich anlässlich meiner E-Shop eröffnung ein Gewinnspiel laufen habe.

    Viele Grüße, Dominique