Friday, May 25, 2012


I find it very difficult to find titles for my posts. Names of my layouts are usually in German so they don't mean a lot and otherwise, nothing really spectacular happens in my life - which is a good thing! Maybe I should just stick with the day of the week. What do you think?

My layout does not have a photo - yet! It is for my baby sister (well, baby is relative - she turns 32 in June....). In September, she will have a baby! It will be a girl, Martina. We are all very excited for her and yet sad since the baby will be born in Bogota, Columbia. I do hope that they will come to Europe soon. My mother will fly over for the birth, so I had to get the layout done ahead of time. (My mother lives in Australia but will come to our DS baptism in 2 weeks.....)

Purple is her favorite color and I used some of the purple flowers which I used for the decoration of the wedding last August. All items are from the May Swirlydoos Kit with a few bits and pieces from previous ones. The butterflies are from LISA GREGORY! THANKS!!!

My little girl was a dangerous cow girl this week. She participated in the "festival of the horses" at the military museum. 

And my sweet little boy is just "beary cute"....

Thanks for stopping by!
All the best, 



  1. Das Layout sieht so zart aus!
    LG Yvonne

  2. your littles are so adorable. love the cowboy outfit. the layout is gorgeous, love the ribbon work.