Saturday, July 7, 2012


It has been so hot here in Vienna! 96°F and no airconditioning. We had to choose our activities very carefully, only go out in the early morning and in the evening. Taking lots of cold showers and enjoy our fans. 

Last night, I finished this layout, using more of my May Swirlydoos kit. I fussy cut the flowers from Donna Salazar's Crafter's chronicle. For my taste, I put very few embellishments on the page but the purple is so pretty that I did not want to cover it up. 

DS cannot sit up quite yet, just for a few seconds, therefore he still has to lay down in his stroller, which he dislikes a lot (and he expresses his dislike with  a very stringed voice) So, despite the heat, I carry him around in his ergocarrier. 

Here are some closeups 

With DD being on summer holiday, we did something fun everyday- different museums, companies and institutions offer great activities and even the university of music has courses for children. She  had a voice lesson, which she absolutely adored. 

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  1. Such a lovely layout! I hope your heat breaks soon - we have been having abnormally high temperatures where I live, too...