Monday, November 19, 2012

Me Me Me!

DD LOVES going to school. She LOVES Math. She gets so excited about knowing the right answer that she has a contract with her teacher - she has to physically hold the finger to her mouth not to shout out the answer and give the other kids a chance to think. In the photo to the right you can almost see her pop in excitement! 

These photos were taken at the Math Morning where parents were invited to see how Math is taught nowadays. No wonder she loves it! The funniest thing was: in small groups, they discussed their findings. When the teacher asked: "So, how do we know this is the correct answer?" A boy blasted out: "Because Sarah said it!" Man, I was sooo proud!

 I based it on the challenge from Pion Design.

I stayed very close to it, just did not add the banner but used the tape measure and some lace and put the title on top of the page.


I added some stitching around the page. 


Used 3d dots to pop up the title

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  1. This is so pretty!!! So funny about her blurting out the answers. I love the way her teacher handles that one. :) It is so great she loves school and is doing so well!!!! :)

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the muted colors with the more striking colors in the flowers. Beautiful combination!

  3. Jetzt habe ich mir deinen Blog zum Schauen aufgespart, damit ich viel Zeit habe und muss wohl noch einmal vorbeikommen ...
    Deine Werke sehen wunderschön aus!
    Viel Spaß bei der neuen Aufgabe!
    LG Yvonne