Sunday, November 4, 2012

Fall Break

is almost over! We go back to school tomorrow. I loved having DD at home - we did so many cool things! 
I re-arranged my mini scrap-place (2 square meters) so she can have a table as well and scrap with me. So far, it works quite well. It is a bit cramped but she loves the special Mommy time. 

I made 3 simple cards with the leftovers of my last layout. 

Last week, my DH was very sick - poor guy! So I took the kids to see my cousin and his family for an overnight visit. We had lots of fun.  4 kids - all very active - we did not get bored. To make sure they get rid of all their excess energy, we took them for a great, long walk - actually so long that my Godchild fell asleep - isn't he cute as can be?

The next day, we let them run wild in an indoor playground. The perfect location for our wild cats. 

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  1. your cards are gorgeous. glad you can spend that special time with your daughter.