Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valentine's card and future generation of scrappers

It's busy around here! With back to work, long hours and exhausting work, scrapping has been really neglected recently. This weekend is super busy since DD is turning 5! She was allowed to invite 4 friends. Boy did we have fun! Can you imagine 5 super energetic, hyped up, sugar loaded 5 year olds? DH was the perfect entertainer and got them even more hyped up. It was hilarious.
DD requested a cake with flowers and hearts. So I made this "Sleeping Beauty Hedge" design for her. My cake decorating skills have really declined since I started scrapping. Somehow paper is more forgiving and does not mind different temperatures.
Whatever, it tasted good and it was pink and sparkly!

To calm them down a bit after 2 hours, I made some Valentine's cards with them. They loved using my cuttlebug to create the "magic paper". Here they are, all proudly holding up their cards. (Yes, I have permission of the parents to post this photo!) I am so happy that DD has really nice, sweet and well brought up friends.
My card turned out really simple. I am still quite happy with it, considering I had 5 helpers.

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  1. What a fun birthday party! Your cake is amazing! That was a fun idea to have the girls make Valentine cards, start a new generation of scrappers! I love your version of the homemade flower in you post below and am going to try it out! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. I'm teaching a little girls' Valentine card class next week - can't wait and neither can my two daughters!
    I also love your butterfly card - great textures!

  3. The Birth day party show that this part give a lot of happiness to all some children and family members.