Friday, March 2, 2012

Card and ready for the weekend

It is Friday! Not that it matters for me - I am on "vacation". Being a SAHM is very relaxing at the moment. I am very lucky since both of my kids are very sweet and good!

I am still in the process of reorganizing my scrap place - 15 minutes at a time. Amongst others, I have rediscovered these cute little blue flowers. Which inspired me to create this card.

My little man turned two months! My heart melts every time I look at him.

And my big girl, all dressed up and ready to go the concert. We watched The Wizard of Oz. She loved it so much and now she does not want to become a vet anymore but a musical star.

Thanks for stopping by!
All the best,


  1. Your card is beautiful! I love the pics of your kids.. so cute!!! Have a good weekend!!

  2. the card is beautiful. your son is growing way too fast...and your daughter looks lovely. have a great weekend. hugs.