Saturday, March 3, 2012

Friday Afternoon Swirlydoos

After waiting FOREVER (at least it felt that way) my February kit from Swirlydoos arrived. The Austrian postal system is really torturing me! So the second I got some free time, I dug into it. Friday Afternoon is the title, since DH loves to cuddle with DS and DD on the couch on Friday afternoon. It is sort of based on the monthly sketch of Beggahuna, but I changed a bit.

My big DD is growing up so fast. Since she goes to an English speaking school, I have to homeschool her a bit to make sure her German does not fall behind. Every day, after having done the English homework, she works on reading and writing in German.

And my sweet little one, he is just adorable. During the day, he has not yet found a rhythm but he is super good during the night, waking me up just twice or three times, drinks and falls right back asleep.
That's it from me for today.
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  1. OMG Elisabeth, your two children are just so beautiful, how your little man is coming along, he looks a bigger boy everytime I see him and your princess looks so gorgeous. I could almost cry for my days back when my two were like that.
    Your LO is gorgeous too, that is my all time favorite MS punch, I love it . Take care Debbiexx

  2. They are so cute!!! You sure can tell they are brother and sister!! Your LO is beautiful! I just love that pansy punch! (one of my favorite flowers!) Good for you for keeping your daughter up on not losing her native language. I wish I could remember more of my German. 2 1/2 yrs of it in high school and then not using it since doesn't make for retaining it very well.

  3. the children's photos are beautiful. your layout is lovely, love the masking, the punched edge.