Saturday, August 11, 2012

School Photos

This layout turned out a bit different than my usual works. I had to take a break from my "vintage/shabby/chic/romantic"style to scrap the photo of DD from last year. Her wonderful teacher gave me a CD with 72 pictures of my sweet little girl. This way I could see what they did all year. Such a sweet memory for me (and, I know from experience, so much work for the teacher!!!)

I used the Bella Boutique Inspiration Kit. I got it for just 10 Euros from my friend Conny (her shop is right HERE

This is the front

 This is the back
 Front opened up

 Back opened up

Pull out tags with cute little photos on it

So, that takes care of 11 pictures (of 72!!!) to scrap. Now I am waiting patiently (not!) until Conny gets the "Making the grade" from Yellow Little Bicycle for the rest of the photos. 

 And my two little bundles of energy? They truly keep me on my toes. With teeth (got 2 already), crawling and sibling rivalry, it never gets boring in our house. DD is only 10 days away from being a first grader and obviously very excited about it! (Ok, it took about 12 shots to get this decent one of the two together. I think, I will also make a layout of the "outtakes", which are pretty funny. (See the hands of DS? He is making the sign for "diaper change" and just a few seconds later, we smelled it, resulting in a big drama performance of DD of how disgusting he is....sigh)

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  1. Da hast aber was tolles aus dem Kit gewerkelt!!! Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut!!! Jetzt sollt ich auch mal mehr machen als Putzen und Fotos sortieren - hab noch welche aus 2010 gefunden *i werd langsam sauer* aber das waren dann wirklich die letzten (hoffentlich) ;-)

    GlG ums Eck