Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Our little angels

Our school photographer is a saint! She takes photos of 1500 students, 200+ adults, all the class photos, teams and still has the patience for sibling photos. My DS was not very cooperative and yet she did not give up until we got this cute shot! 

We are just so lucky to have these children. Especially if you consider how long it took us to get our little one and how many times we almost lost him. Both kids are healthy, full of energy and real rascals. One cannot ask for more. 

Since blue is my all time favorite color, I made sure DD wears something blue that day! 

I just LOVE the new Prima resin and metal embellishments. The little cherub was just perfect for this layout.  

 I like my new spellbinders dies. They look great. 

I really wanted some bling on this layout to compete with the sparkle in our kid's eyes

Some layering, some more bling, punches and done. 

 Isn't she the cutest bat? I made the costume. The best part was the cost: 4Euros and 20 cents. 

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Halloween!
All the best, 


  1. Happy Halloween Elisabeth and family. And talking of Family, your two are truly gorgeous. What a stunning photo.
    When I ran my Playgroup we had a photographer once a year and and he was amazing even if our children were crying, he just used to wait and wait until the right shot came up. brilliant dedication.

  2. your layout is so pretty. i love the soft blues. the bat costume is adorable. you are so very talented.

  3. Das ist einfach durch und durch entzückend - vom layout wie auch vom Foto!!!