Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The best of times SWIRLYDOOS

Two weeks ago, I visited my Aunt and Uncle. On their pinboard in the kitchen, I saw this picture. However, it was all torn up, corners bent with lots and lots of wholes from years of putting push pins into it to keep it on the wall.

I asked to borrow it, cleaned it up with iphoto (no photoshop here - that's the next learning step for me!) and made this simple layout with my latest Swirlydoos kit.

I am actually quite pleased with the end result, although I had many versions of this LO. I added and removed about 4 different flowers. It just did not "click". Then I focussed more on the picture, not too many embellishments and now I quite like it. The new embossed papers from core'dination are just a dream to work with.

Oh yeah, I did not tell them that I would make a LO, I just said I would clean it up. They should get it in the mail today. I wonder if they will like it.

Have a great day.
All the best,

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