Friday, February 11, 2011

Hybrid Tutorial for Beginners- Snips and Snails

What is hybrid scrapbooking and why bother with it?

This fancy name means simply combining traditional scrapbooking with digital elements. The reason why I started hybrid scrapbooking was a very practical one: I live about 45 minutes from the next scrapbooking store. Since I live in Austria, it can take up to 30 days for my goodies to arrive, which I order from the USA. Hybrid scrapbooking is a fabulous solution. I scrap with my normal papers but I often miss a fancy alpha, or neat flowers or the right paper accents for my layout. I am NOT a patient person and I hate it when layouts lay around unfinished.

So, I just go online, download the missing items, print them, cut them and my layout is finished.

It is really simple to use the digital kits, especially if you happen to work with a Mac. Make a new folder on the desktop (I call it digital kits so I find it again), double click on the kit and it will download it. The file will be „zipped“ or compressed. Another double click on the zipped file and it opens up. Since I am not a technical person, all I can handle is MS WORD. I simply drag the image to the word document and then I can copy it, resize it etc. I try to get as many pictures on a page to save paper when I print.

Depending on the purpose, I either print it on normal paper, heavy cardstock (for flowers) or transparent foil.

Double clicking on the picture gives the option to change the layout. Choosing „behind text“ allows me to get many more pictures on one page.

It is very useful to give the color printer a good clean to get really crisp pictures. Find the utility and give your printer a deep clean.

You will be amazed what a difference this makes.

Here is my first layout which I made as member of the creative team of Snips and Snails.

This kit is called „forest love“ and is only 3,50 ! You can download it here.

All I did is use a pink cardstock, add a ribbon, some pearls and a brad. Everything else is from this digital kit. Isn’t it cute?

Thanks so much for stopping by!

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  1. Great tutorial Elisabeth! And I just love your LO! It's beautiful!