Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hybrid tutorial Nr 3 Snips and Snails Grandma's treasures

Look at this yummy kit! (Click on the picture and it will take you right to the shop. Just 2 USD for the entire kit!!!!!) Perfect to display thoses fabulous treasures of yours. I used this stunning kit to display our treasure - our little girl. The fun thing about hybrid scrapbooking is that one can combine the best of both worlds. The stunning papers in just the right size, the cute embellishments that come with it as well as the fun physical things, such as Prima flowers, ribbons and pears. I also used a screen print from creative imaginations.

Now for the tutorial:
It is all about layers and adding dimension when you decide to scrap hybrid. In this layout, I have done some serious distressing to the edges. I roughed up
the edges a lot and I did not mind about tearing it a bit. Remember, it is all about different textures! I then used my favorite ink to give it a bit more color.

Very often, there are cute, cute embellishments in the kit e.g. ribbons. Of course, you are not going to print out and fussy cut it - just go through your stash and see what you have. Probably one of your "real" ribbons will work! If not ribbon, what about some embroidery floss, as in this picture? I used the strip from the kit and added floss and pearls.

For me, a digital kit is such an inspiration. It suggests to add
items I would not have thought about in the first place. For example have a look at this flower. I would have NEVER thought of adding some tulle to my flower. But when I printed out the different flowers from the kit, I saw the cool tulle. Off I went, cut up of my tulle and added it to my flower. Again, it is all about different textures.

To get another kind of texture: get your printed flower damp - really only DAMP not wet, otherwise the color will be on your hands and not your flower (been there, done it - don't laugh!) and crumble up the flat flower. That's what I did with the white one. I really like this effect!

Thanks for looking and don't forget to head over to snips and snails to see what the other girls came up with!
All the best, Elisabeth


  1. Great tutorial Elisabeth and a beautiful LO as always! You make it so easy to understand.

  2. Gorgeous page Elisabeth & LOVE all the detail on the border - great ideas!!!