Thursday, November 3, 2011

Golden fall in Upper Austria

DH and I have just spent 3 days in Bad Ischl. Our last mini vacation before the baby comes. Two of my wonderful sisters took care of my little, I mean BIG girl. We were so lucky - had the most fantastic fall one can imagine. The leaves were almost "burning" from the intensity of the colors. The hotel was really sweat as well. A villa from 1881 with a modern and luxurious annex for the guest rooms and spa. Every night, we had a 6 course dinner, which was simply mind blowing. Sigh. Life is good! This photo is from a small mountain (Gahberg) on Attersee. We took a walk there with my father. Thanks for stopping by! Enjoy the last bits of fall All the best, Elisabeth


  1. beautiful photos. getting close...glad you are enjoying these last weeks.

  2. Oh my, Elisabeth! Gorgeous photos!!! Thank you for sharing. It is so fun to see other places! I can live vicariously through everyone's photos. I had an opportunity to go to Austria and Germany for two weeks right out of high school. My parents would not allow me to go. :( Glad you got a little time away with your hubby. :)