Sunday, November 27, 2011

Practice -Sketch Support

We have new neighbours in our house with a sweet little girl. DD loves to play with her - "babysitting". It is a bit like being "the big sister in training" until our little boy arrives. They love each other dearly. Since my neighbor is pregnant as well (just a few weeks due after me), we are both very happy when the kids play together. DD is already so responsible that both moms get a bit of a break while they play. Talking about a win-win situation!

I used the latest Sketch Support Sketch to document this precious moment.

On other news - no news is good news. The contractions have not come back and I might be able to go full term with our baby boy - due 4.1.2012! Pretty happy about that.

All the best and "besinnlichen Advent" (peaceful advent)


  1. So glad that you have a new neighbor, friend. playdates make everyone's lives so much easier.

  2. AW! How adorable!~!!! You will be so thankful for the big sister when the new munchkin arrives! PS...take care of yourself and do not overdo!!!! Keep him in there for a few more months!

  3. Such a sweet story and layout, take care, Doreen x

  4. beautiful layout Elisabeth!!!

    12 years ago when we moved in our house and how happy we were that our neighbor has a 3 year old boy same age as my son. They are now 13, they played together, go school together, really practically grow up together! :)


  5. Great take on the sketch - and lovely pictures.