Thursday, December 29, 2011

Introducing Michael Daniel

What a day! Woke up with a high fever, which would not go down despite medication. The water broke at 10. Had to go to the hospital with the ambulance (flashing lights, horns, running all red lights at the crossings) just to agonize if we should wait or not. Then the decision for the emergency Caesarian. But now he is safe and sound and Sarah is so proud to be the big sister. DH was so brave- usually he just can't see blood but he was with me in operation room- I squeezed his hand so much he is all bruised!
The staff here at the hospital are wonderful and take very good care of me. It will take a while to heal but I a so glad that this difficult pregnancy came to a good end.

In a few weeks, you will probably see a whole bunch of baby boy layouts!!!
Thanks for all those you kept asking how I was doing. It is much appreciated.
All the best,


  1. Congratulations! So sorry about the fever, the ambulance, and dh bruises! But what a wonderful gift!

  2. Awww.. congratulations!!! He is precious!! Big sissy looks so proud!! Have fun with your new little bundle!!

  3. Oh Elizabeth, how awful that you were so sick, but how wonderful that Michael Daniel came into the world without to much difficulty!!! What an awesome belated Christmas gift!! A healthy baby!! Congrats sweetie!! He is beautiful laying in his sisters arms!!
    Big Hugs!!

  4. OMG Elisabeth Michael is adorable and look how Sweet Sarah looks holding him, a big Congratulations to you all. Take care after the Caesarian, get lots of rest before you start Scrapbooking "Baby" pictures, Lots of best wishes Debbiexx

  5. Herzlichen Gückwunsch!
    Eine wunderschöne Kennenlernzeit!
    LG Yvonne

  6. Oh my goodness CONGRATULATIONS! He is precious! So glad to hear everyone is doing well! And your daughter, she is beautiful!