Saturday, June 9, 2012


Creative Scrappers had another beautiful sketch which inspired me to this layout. 

Here is the sketch. I had to flip it and I replaced the circles with cowboy items.


One reason I love scrapbooking is that it reminds me of the positive sides of the people. It reminds me how sweet and smart my DD can be and makes me forget the tantrum she just threw because she did not want to do her German homework, it reminds me how wonderful it is to have my DS, even if all I did this morning was feed, diaper, clean up his spit up, change him, rock him and start over again. It reminds me of how much I love my DH even if communication breaks down and we both "know" it is the others person fault! Life is not easy but scrapbooking helps me to focus on the positive parts.

Do you know this photo? Life is not a movie, marriage is not "happily ever after" and having kids is not a Pampers commercial.

One minute my kids are playing nicely together, the next they are both screaming and throwing tantrums. 

Isn't life great?

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  1. Das Foto war schon klasse - aber Du hast wiedermal den perfekten Rahmen geschaffen! Mein Gott Michi hat soooo blaue Augen ... hm jaa gewöhn Dich mal dran, wird besser und es kommen noch viel schlimmere Phasen ;-)

    GlG Conny

  2. love your layout. great take on the sketch. your cowboy themed embellies are are your children. hugs.

  3. Your page for CS is way too cool! I love the cowboy theme a lot.