Thursday, June 7, 2012


It's almost the end of the school year! I am the class parent of DDs grade Primary Grade class. I started collecting money from the other parents for an end of year gift for our wonderful teachers when one mother asked when she could sign the card....... silence on my side......I had forgotten about the card! So, here are the fastest, giant cards! I had 45 minutes to make these two, hence the simple design. 

I used the Bo Bunny card sketch and the Ambrosia line. 

Here is the sketch. 

Since I am staying home for a year, I can do lots of fun activities with the kids. I have started going baby swimming with DS and I have taken DD to the giant ferries wheel. 

I am a bit worried how it will all work out when I will go back to work in January. I signed the contract for the day care yesterday. The "daymother" is a wonderful lady - DD was with her for 3 years and my niece as well. At least I know that DS will have a great time with her.

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  1. your cards are just lovely. and the new photos are adorable. glad you are enjoying your time home with the children.