Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thursday Preparations for the Christening

Goodness, what a week! My big girl is in Upper Austria with my mother to enjoy a special Nonna - Sarah time. So I thought, I would get loads done from my to-do list....ha ha ha. I was called in to work for a very important meeting (I am on maternity leave right now), we had unexpected guests, Michi had finally outgrown the crib and I had move him to his big bed, the car needed to get fixed (ouch - expensive) and a doctor's visit for DS as well. My to do list is even longer by now!

We leave tomorrow to go to Upper Austria to celebrate my DS Christening. The last 3 days, I have put in a lot of time to get these finished. They look simple and yet with the constant interruptions, it took a long time.

These are the place cards  for the dinner after the ceremony.

And this is the program for the church service.

And here is my sweet boy in his BIG bed.

So - my break is over and I have to start packing our bags! 
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  1. Die Tischkarten und die Hefte für die Kirche sehen wunderschön aus!
    LG Yvonne

  2. your cards are just beautiful. i can only imagine how long they must have taken. enjoy your weekend and the christening. hugs...Nancy

  3. Loving the photo of the baby in the bed. And you work way too hard!

  4. Nice postcards to have the baby's picture on it.