Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hybrid tutorial Nr 4 Snips and Snails Over The Rainbow

This layout is all about my cute godchild Victor. He was born last July and is such a cutie. In this one, he is fighting so hard not to fall asleep. You can see how small his eyes already are!!!

Now for the tutorial:

Tired of fussy cutting? Here is a solution: Print the image out on overhead foil. CAVEAT: before you do it, check if you got the right kind! Laser printers need a different overhead than inkjet. Trust me, it is not pretty when you got the wrong kind. The best way to get these is to head over to your favorite stationary shop. The one I use has a rough front side and a very smooth back side. When using an inkjet, you will have to print on the rough side.

Since it is very pricy you might want to load all your images you want to print onto 1 A4 side (see tutorial 1 for how to do it) and then print it in one go. Remember to deep clean your printer before doing so for better results) Then just cut around the printed image as close as possible and glue it on your project.

I like using
Tombow vellum glue roller and only put a small amount underneath a flower so the glue remains invisible. If you add it onto patterned paper, it will be even less visible. (In this photo, have messed around with the color saturation to better illustrate what I did. In the real thing, it is barely noticeable.)

All these wonderful elements are hot off the "digital press". The kit is called Snips and Snails, Over The Rainbow and it can be bought right here:

If you have any questions about my tutorials, just leave me a comment and I will get back to you! If you do not have a question, leave me a comment anyway because I love reading them!
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