Sunday, September 2, 2012

20 years my scraps and more

This summer, I attended my 20 year highschool reunion. I was really not sure if I should go - most of the people, I had not seen in 20 years. BUT it ended up being lots of fun. I was planning on staying for 2 hours and ended up staying for 6! 

My scaps and more has a new sketch challenge. Kristine Davidson created a wonderful sketch.

For the photo, I turned it to sepia and then faded it quite a bit to match the delicate Pion papers better. 

I really like how the title worked out: 

Here are some more details: 

I folded the paper to make it look like venetian blinds

I have to dash to pick up Sarah from a birthday party - and it is half across the town. 
Thanks for stopping by!
All the best, 


  1. Oh wow! This is really really pretty Elisabeth! I love the folded paper and the torn with the flowers peeking, as well as all the other beautiful details! I hope you are enjoying the weekend.

  2. so pretty. love the paper folding, the gorgeous colors, beautiful florals. thanks for the inspiration. hope your daughter had fun at her party.