Thursday, September 6, 2012

Messing around

When I started this layout, I was in such a bad mood. Really - just frustrated, angry, overtired and what not. Yes, this happens! So all I wanted to do is mess around - I got my liquid pearls and went nuts on the letters, then my molding paste and put it on like way too much frosting on a cake - left everything (including the mess on my table) and went to bed. 

I finished it today and although it is not one of my best layouts, I really like it.

I based it on the sketch from Creative Scrappers but then went in a bit of a different direction.

Here is the close of up of the title

The photo was taken this summer when DD was taking a musical course for one week. They performed a kid's version of CATS. The program was printed on the most ugly color - so I decided to hide it behind the photo.

All the information is there, all the names, dates etc. 
The tricky thing about kid's performances is that you are not allowed to take pictures during the performance (understandable!). At the curtain call, they were all on the stage. The original photo looked like this:

Not really great - but with a bit of cropping and resizing I ended up with a usable photo! 

That was just 2 months ago, but it seems like an eternity. School is back in session and Sarah has started her guitar lessons: 

And Michi has been introduced to his Tagesmutter - a kind of daycare where the lady takes care of up to 5 kids in her house. We love Susi - she was already the Tagesmutter of Sarah when she was small. The first few times, I will stay with him and then gradually leave him with her for 1 or 2 hours so I can get started on my professional development.  And then in just 4 months, I have to go back to work full time.

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  1. A lovely LO Elisabeth, Great idea cropping the photo like that, a lovely page.
    Ah look at Sarah playing the guitar how sweet.
    I am making a 12x12 commision book at he mo, the photo,s are all of a holiday in Crete, the pjoto,s are lovely. I did a double page LO last night, so hopefully I will try to post when I have time.