Monday, September 10, 2012

What was I thinking?

Goodness. I admire all the girls who make the most fantastic altered art projects. I truly do. I am a layout person, sometimes a card here and there but everything that is off the pages really scares me.

A LSS had this tray on sale and I thought, GREAT, 12 boxes, 12 months. That would be a good gift for my mom who misses her grandchildren a lot. 

First, I had to sift through thousands of photos to decide which one could represent one month. Then the decorating. It is so much easier on a layout! I had to keep it simple since my mother does not like decoration that goes overboard. 

You can see that the last 3 boxes (October, November and December) are still empty. I will finish these when I have the photos. 

It was so difficult to get some embellishments one it, but not too much. Then the balance of each box. 

I used the Bo Bunny Welcome Home line because of the great colors. 

So, if you do altered projects, you have my full respect. I had such a hard time with it!

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