Saturday, September 29, 2012

June 16th - Scapping photos of a family reunion

Scrapping photos of family reunions can be quite hard. There are so many pictures but most are probably not strong enough to be the focus of an entire layout. 
After the Christening ceremony in June, we all gathered at a local restaurant. The best part of it was that it has it's own BIG playground. The kids were happy and the adults could have a nice conversation. Combined with great weather, wonderful food and beer it was a fabulous afternoon. 

By using this design, I managed to get 12 photos on one page. I broke up the border by using little 2x2 paper squares with decorative elements. The center photo is my DD showing off her "princess dress" she was allowed to wear for the special day.

I also tried to spread out the close up photos and made sure that the people looked in the right direction when placing the photo. 

 Just a quick photo from this morning of DS. He discovered that an empty box and a spoon stolen from the breakfast table make great toys!

Now we are off to celebrate my niece's 11th birthday! I am so glad that I have a good relationship with my siblings and their families. It makes life so much more enjoyable. 

Have a great weekend
All the best, 


  1. what a great multi photo layout. what a great design. love the photo of your son. hugs.

  2. I adore how cohesive this page is. It's teaming with photos, but doesn't look busy in the slightest, and is thoroughly beautiful, to boot.

    Thank you very much for your lovely blog comment. 2012 has been a wildly busy year for me, and I've scarcely had time to create much or spend time on some of my favourite online haunts like It means a lot to me to know that I was in your thoughts and very much appreciate your visit, dear gal.

    Oodles of hugs,
    ♥ Jessica