Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cards with Graphics 45 French Country

I am having so much fun with this paper stack! This card was perfect to remind myself of the wonderful summer which will come eventually! We are finally having some sun here in Vienna, I am so done with winter and I am longing for colors and warmer temperatures.

And when you open it up, there is a summer garden!

As I mentioned before, those pop-up cards are really addictive!

View from the top - I just LOVE that rooster.

And another one. Here I combined the left-overs from my calendar (place in time collection) with the French Country. It works perfectly.

And a quick photo from our morning madness! Being a teacher, I make sure our children have all the age-appropriate, educationally valuable toys. And our sweet little ones find it very amusing to take my laundry/toys/whatever, stick it in their mouths, run around with it and try to take it away from each other. We have such a laugh!!! I am so thankful that they play together so nicely.


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