Monday, March 11, 2013

Sock Games... Bo Bunny

Yeah - I am so excited. I managed to make 2 (!!!) layouts on the weekend AND I finally got to play with 2 new Bo Bunny collections. 

Our children are just so funny! They invent games all the time. Whenever I do laundry (which seems to be all the time), one grabs a pair of socks or similar, sticks it in the mouth and runs around the apartment like crazy. Soon the second one will imitate and after a while they will try to take it away from each other, giggling all the way. I happened to have my camera close by and I took this quick shot. The light is a bit funny but it just shows the fun they had. 

The C'est la vie collection from Bo Bunny was a PERFECT match for this photo. The fun elements, the colors, the whole relaxed feel about it. This is not my usual style - but I had fun experimenting!

I based it on the sketch by the most talented Becky Fleck! 


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  1. Ve4ry sweet Layout Elisabeth.
    Your kids are sooooo cute together.
    My two are 22 and 20 and there is only 19months between them, they have always been close and always played together, they used to dress up all the time, in anything they could find....old table cloths, t towels, clean or dirty washing, you name it they would use it, ha ha, just love it do you?

  2. this is so sweet. your children are adorable together. i love all the little details on your layout.