Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Family Traditions

I am such a lucky girl. During my maternity leave, my students were taught by a most inspiring, glamorous, fun and great lady. When I go back to work in 33 days, I know that everything will be perfectly done and I can just pick up where she left. No drama, no hassle, no catching up. How great is that? 

This morning, we had coffee together - I truly enjoyed that. DS was on his best behavior, playing nicely next to the table and being his totally adorable himself. My friend asked me to create a Christmas card for her family (which is, by the way most fabulous. I already taught her older son, who is nothing short of a saint and am looking forward to teaching her younger son as well very soon!)

With the terrible weather (snowing like crazy) it was hard to get a decent shot of this card. I think this is my favorite card so far this season - probably because it was done for my sweet friend. 

In other news, DS has started feeding himself with a spoon. He loves it, I just need to find a BIG plastic cloth to protect the surroundings of his high chair LOL!

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  1. such a lovely card. glad to hear things are going well both at home and at the school.