Friday, December 21, 2012

Really cool card for my nephew

The last thing is done for Christmas. My nephew got a laptop for his birthday and Christmas combined and everybody is helping to pay for it. My contribution is hidden in the card.

I loved playing with all kinds of metals which I added into the mod podge.

The front looks like this: 
And when you open it, the money slides right out. 

DD got an early Christmas gift from a sweet friend of ours a Wii - probably so they can play already before Christmas when he visits - LOL. 
Both of the kids are having lots of fun with it. I am aware of the fact that this counts as "screentime" and therefore the playing time is very limited and DS is only allowed to watch a tiny bit. 

My sweet DD loves to take photos! This time I had to be the model because her little brother does not hold still!

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  1. this is so cool...and i love the photos of you and your littles.

  2. Very cool idea with the money card for your nephew, Elizabeth. TFS, Fran (Quick Silver on

  3. Die Karten sind super! Hast Du toll gemacht!

    Also eins - Du musst die Haare wirklich offen tragen oder zum. öfters - Passt Dir toll! Das Foto ist fantastisch!!!

    GLG Conny