Saturday, March 30, 2013

Good Times

 It is end of March and we had snow, AGAIN. I am so done with winter and so are my kids. Despite the terrible weather, we are outside everyday- otherwise they would go crazy in our apartment. So, I wrap them up and we go. Can't tell you how much I am longing for spring. We will hide our Easter eggs in the mud/snow tomorrow

Yesterday, we went to our local playground around the corner and the kids had fun, which is the most important, I guess! Unless it is minus 10, DS will refuse to wear gloves...

Last night, I really felt like playing with Bo Bunny "Family is". This line is so cute but it does not lend itself for my usual romantic/vintage/distressed style. So I just gave it a try and went clean and simple. I was surprised how it turned out. Added bonus: layout and card were done in one hour. The layout is based on Sketchabilites Nr 87.

Can't finish this post without a photo of my DD. She is such a bundle of energy!

Have a great Easter!
All the best, 

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