Friday, February 8, 2013

Dec 25th

So, I am giving in. I accepted the fact that I have very limited scrapbooking time. This means if I want any layouts done, I have to make them more simple, no more stitching, etc. This layout was done in just under one hour. 

I used the challenge of the sketchladies: the sketch, some round buttons or embellishments and at least one color that pops. Now, in real life, the read bow tie really stands out but with the bad photo conditions (either no sun or I have to work long and the sun is gone by the time I get home), it just does not come out. Whatever! I am happy I managed to get this cute moment documented!!!

orry for the glare on the photo - had to take it inside. 

Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. Gorgeous LO Elisabeth, really nice to Scrap your Christmas memories.
    For a quick page I like to have a 12x12 sheet of white Bazzil and put a few 2" strips down then a circle over the top, very effective and very quick.
    Thought I might have had a picture of the one i did a few months ago but cannot find it sorry.
    I know you are a good scrapbooker just thought I would show you something I like to do!!
    See if I can find it.

  2. great layout. i think it is gorgeous and even without hours of work.

  3. Nice LO and a nice blog.
    Greetings from Berlin
    Good luck for the challenge!!!